A revolution in breast cancer diagnostics and the design of personalized treatment

The way to accurate diagnosis

In the fight against breast cancer, accurate diagnosis is critical to saving lives. Our innovative diagnostic test combines advanced molecular technologies to revolutionize breast cancer diagnostics. Backed by state-of-the-art patented technology, unparalleled accuracy, and personalized report, we are changing the game.

Another milestone in the diagnostics of breast cancer 

Welcome to a new era in the accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment. 

Our advanced Multiplex8+ diagnostic test uses a breakthrough RNA quantification technology to provide accurate and reliable results, giving patients, their oncologists, and healthcare providers the confidence they need. 

MultiplexDX conducted a massive retrospective validation on 1082 breast cancer samples from prestigious European biobanks demonstrating analytical validity, better stratification of 30% of patients, and prediction of a broad spectrum of therapies.

Key Features:

  • Use of an existing biopsy or surgical resection 
  • The most comprehensive analysis of 20,000+ protein-coding and non-coding tumor-specific biomarkers as well as 200+ genes/gene signatures that predict treatment response
  • Cross-validation of key markers with two quantitative methods eliminating the risk of errors
  • Rapid results within three weeks
  • Personalized report with recommendations for the most effective treatment, includes information on the molecular profile of the tumor and gene/gene signatures relevant to personalized treatment and patient prognosis
  • Helps the oncologist with more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment
  • May be used as a second opinion 
  • Suitable for patients in relapse and non-responsive patients

How does it work? 

Our Multiplex8+ diagnostic test combines cutting-edge imaging techniques, laser capture microdissection, and next-generation sequencing with sophisticated algorithms to analyze breast tissue at the microscopic and molecular levels. This comprehensive approach enables accurate determination of diagnosis, the detection of tumor heterogeneity, and the design of effective personalized treatment.


  1. Requesting a pre-existing biopsy or surgical resection Multiplex8+ order form.pdff)
  2. Microscopic analysis of tissue (basic histological staining and fluorescence in-situ hybridization) and quantification of biomarkers using machine learning/artificial intelligence to identify regions of interest
  3. Laser capture microdissection to separate regions of interest for spacially-resolved sequencing
  4. Next-generation sequencing and advanced biomarker quantification using using proprietary bioinformatic pipeline
  5. A tailored report based on a patients unique clinical parameters that provides recommended treatments
  6. Consultation with the oncologist

Strengthening personalized treatment

Each patient is unique and so should be the way they are treated. 

Our Multiplex8+ diagnostic test goes beyond universal approaches. It provides personalized information that allows physicians and healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans to the needs of each individual.


  • Detection of tumor heterogeneity
  • Tailored treatment recommendations
  • Accurate results for patients
  • Solution for non-responders and relapsed patients
  • Also suitable as a second opinion

Pushing the boundaries of expertise

Our team of top researchers and medical professionals led by Dr. Pavol Čekan is committed to advancing breast cancer diagnostics. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and accuracy to ensure that you get the best possible care. Our research procedures are patented.

Why choose Multiplex8+?

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Tailored and understandable report that enables effective personalized treatment
  • Predicts response to 33 FDA-/EMA-approved therapies
  • Helps navigate the latest clinical guidelines

Take the next step

If you are struggling with an insidious breast cancer, discuss your options with your oncologist, and we‘ll do everything we can to help you with our Multiplex8+ test.

Schedule your online consultation today. Receive more information about pricing and options at diagnostics@multiplexdx.com