A revolution in breast cancer diagnostics and the design of personalized treatment

About the test

Multiplex8+ is the first and only single test for breast cancer (BCa) patients that can simultaneously

  1. predict benefit of chemotherapy in adjuvant setup (after surgery) with near perfect agreement at the single sample level; 
  2. predict effectiveness of various chemotherapies; 
  3. predict effectiveness of immunotherapy and other innovative therapies; 
  4. predict effectiveness of targeted treatment using antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) by identifying multiple biomarkers that span several pathways involved in ADC efficacy.

This makes Multiplex8+ the only test available to select patients based on more than just a single ADC biomarker. All this together gives Multiplex8+ a great potential to be the best BCa diagnostic test for finding the most effective and personalized treatment for every BCa patient. 

What does Multiplex8+ provide?

Multiplex8+ provides actionable insights for BCa patients

Deployment of Multiplex8+ as a research-use only (RUO) test. (a) Table outlining the number of genes and gene signatures and their relevant drug targets/pathways that were used for clinical testing. (b) Proportion of 52 patients according to treatment setting (left bar), molecular subtype (middle bar), and TNBC subtype (right bar). (cFrequency of therapies that were recommended as the top 3 according to expression of genes and gene signatures tailored to each of the 52 patients. (d-h) Expression of 20 ADC antigen targets (d), targets relevant to payloads for topoisomerase and microtubule inhibitors (e), endocytosis targets involved in internalization of ADCs (f), lysosome targets involved in degrading antibodies and linkers (g), and targets that confer resistance to ADCs (h). (i) Combinations of these ADC-processing gene targets and signatures can be used to identify patients that are more likely to respond to ADCs like Trodelvy (SG) (Patient 1), Enhertu (T-DXd) (Patient 18), and Trodelvy, Enhertu and Kadcyla (T-DM1) (Patient 15), or those who are less likely to respond because they lack ADC-predictive biomarkers (Patient 23).

How to order

We are dedicated to supporting you throughout the ordering process for our innovative breast cancer diagnostic test Multiplex8+. Our team is committed to providing guidance and assistance to ensure a seamless experience with our test. However, it‘s crucial to understand that our support is intended solely to facilitate the ordering procedure and provide information regarding our diagnostic test. Decisions made regarding medical procedures and results interpretation should be discussed with your healthcare provider. 

We are honored to be part of your healthcare journey and strive to make this process as informative and efficient as possible.

About MultiplexDX

MultiplexDX is one of the most innovative biotech companies, headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, created to bring its revolutionary technologies to the market of personalized molecular diagnostics. It was founded in 2016 by Dr. Pavol Cekan who has extensive experience in the fields of biotechnology research in EU and US ecosystems. The company operates in the Science Park of Comenius University and has a dedicated international team of 30 people, complemented by the expertise of our top-level advisory board consisting of world-renowned 2 scientific and 2 business advisors. MDX has achieved remarkable success since its foundation. The company has received numerous awards. It was also recognized as one of the 2017 New Europe 100 Challengers by the Financial Times, Google, and Visegrad Fund. MDX‘s journey includes participation in top-tier accelerators such as the Health Hub Vienna Acceleration Program for biotech start-ups and membership in the Oslo Cancer Cluster. In 2019, MDX became the first SK company in history to be awarded the prestigious EIC Accelerator in which it successfully validated its innovative technology in a large-scale retrospective validation on 1,080 breast tumors. In 2022, MDX achieved a significant milestone by ranking 1st in the TOP3 of the Deloitte Fast 50 CEE. In 2023, the company diagnosed the first 26 patients with breast cancer and signed 4 MoUs with oncology institutes in SK and others in process. In 2023 MDX was chosen, among only 47 EU companies and only 10 SMEs, to be part of the Global Gateway Business Advisory Group to assist the European Commission.

Declaration: MultiplexDX, s.r.o. declares that the Multiplex8+ test is only manufactured and used in MultiplexDX, s.r.o. and meet the applicable general safety and performance requirements (GSPR) of the in vitro diagnostic medical devices Regulation (EU 2017/746).  /  Declaration.pdf